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Local Resources (always adding per recommendations)


Dr. Audrey Tobey: The absolute best OB in the Conway area. She is a great option to work with and is so kind. Cannot recommend her enough. Will prescribe her patients progesterone if they need it. 

Dr. Poppy: Located in Ozark, MO Dr. Poppy is known nationwide for her fertility treatments and successful birth stories with her clients. Contact her today if you struggle with infertility and multiple miscarriages.

Doulas: Stephanie Palmer

Sarita Hendrix 

Birth Photographers: Katie Opris

Whitney DeFries 

Chiropractors: DR. KASSIE WIEST in Hendrix Village (cash pay)

Bledsoe Chiropractic with Caitlin Haley Corona (takes insurance)

Dr. Merissa Beard (will come to your home while you are in labor)

Massage Therapists: Lymphatic Massage (not for pregnancy)


Baby Views in Little Rock

Baby Bumps & Beyond in Greenbrier

(non medical report):

Tongue Tie Revision:

Dr. Hamilton in Bryant

Dr. Forester in Conway

Biological Dentist: Amity Gentle in Hot Springs

Family Practice Doctor: 

Dr. Scroggins 

Pediatrician: Dr. Jeremy Hardwood MD- supportive of attachment parenting. Respects parents of their choices. 

Dr. Lu: works with homebirth families. 

Dr. Craig: Recommends vaccines but does not force them onto his clients. Pro vax but not pushy. 

Dr. Vinson: Provides you will vaccine information but does not require it nor pushes it. Is quick to respond to emails for her clients. Located at Baptist Health. 

Physical Therapist: 

Empower Your Pelvis - well worth the drive to Lees Summit, MO; also does online consulting. 

Farris Therapy-overall PT care; located in Greenbrier. 

Sarah Walker at Conway Regional

Natural Clinics: Kare Health and Wellness in Springfield, MO

Natural State Health Center 

Hormonal Therapy, Infertility, Thyroid:

Dr. Poppy in Ozark, MO (well worth the drive)

Lindsey Gillum in Little Rock


Childbirth Classes:

For other birth options, OBs, other midwives, Abby for options! 

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